Starting a Towing Company

Tow trucks are essential in today’s world. Their main purpose is to pull out and haul vehicles to safe places. This usually occurs after a vehicle has either been involved in an accident or has broken down and cannot be driven. A tow truck will usually transport a vehicle to a mechanic or auto body shop to be repaired.

You may have noticed that not all tow trucks look exactly the same. That is because there are different kinds of tow trucks that can be used for different kinds of tows and purposes, if you plan to own a towing company like, plan on having one of each tow truck in your arsenal. The following are the three main types of tow trucks.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

This kind of tow truck used alot by La Crosse towing comes with a hook and chain for towing a vehicle. Another name for this kind of tow truck is sling truck. This type of tow truck isn’t as popular as it used to be. It is not used as frequently as it was in the past. The way this type of towing works is that chains are wrapped around the frames and axles of the vehicle in order to tow it. This kind of towing can damage and scratch a vehicle, so it is mainly used for towing junk and wrecked cars.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

This type of tow truck is similar to hook and chain trucks. However, a lot less damage is caused to the vehicle being towed. The main difference between the two is a wheel lift tow truck uses a metal yoke instead of chains for towing. This yoke hooks underneath the rear or front wheels to tow away the vehicle. As the vehicle is being towed, a hydraulic lift or pneumonic hoist suspends the rear or front of the vehicle to keep it raised off of the ground That reduces the amount of potential damage to the vehicle.

Tow TruckFlat Bed Tow Truck

This type of tow truck is sometimes called a “rollback” truck. A flat bed tow truck features a long truck truck bed with a flat top. The actual truck has a hydraulics system for moving the flat bed both up and down and also to tilt it in the angle of a ramp. That makes it easier to load a vehicle since it can be driven onto the ramp if it is still in running condition. For stationary vehicles and boats, a winch may used for dragging it up onto the bed. After the vehicle has been set in place, the hydraulics are used once again to even the ramp out. The truck then can tow the vehicle to its desired destination. Usually this is the preferred way to tow a vehicle since it doesn’t have to be dragged using this towing method, and it also avoids putting too much pressure on the vehicle as well.

When you need to have a vehicle towed, one of these three main types of tow trucks will most likely be used. It will depend on what types of two trucks your towing company has available and what kind of tow you need.